Furniture That Transcends.

furniture that transcends.

 Furniture is more than an object;

it is a table where family meals will be shared,

a bed where your children will grow,

or a bench where you will rest.

My Furniture transcends it’s function;

Here, stories are made

by the hands of an expert craftsman,

creating something that will last a lifetime.


Beauty, Manifested.

From the initial milling of lumber to the final coat of finish, the art of furniture-making is one of patience and skill.

In my shop I spend countless hours ensuring that my work is not only well designed and impeccably crafted, but also inherently beautiful.

To me, a piece’s aesthetic is as important as its construction; the former creates conversation while the latter perpetuates it.



a passion pursued

In May of 2016 I graduated from architecture school with a mountain of loan debt and a passion for design. Soon after graduation I found a job at a local architecture firm where I worked to pursue a career and pay down my student loans. However, I soon realized that a desk job wasn’t for me, so nine months into my “career” (and after I made my last loan payment) I left.

With a few bucks and a big vision to pursue my childhood passion, I setup shop in the basement of my parents log home and began building custom furnishings once again.

I founded Drake Woodworking on the notion of making furniture into more than an object, but an experience. Here, I merge my architectural sensitivities with fine craft to create pieces that transcend their function and transform their spaces.






Love this table you made for us. Not a day goes by (when we’re here) that we don’t truly appreciate your creation. Thank you!

-Kim & Garrett H.