the passmore bar

FINISHED / August 2014

A well-designed bar is the focal point of a space. It is the place where family and friends gather over drinks to pass the time and catch up. In 2014 I was commissioned by a client to restore life to his recently renovated basement. The space had been flooded, gutted, adn remodeled, but it lost the life and energy it once had. I met with the client aver the course of two weeks and proposed a beautiful bar fit with a long, L-shaped walnut top. There was to be nothing typical about the installation: it was to be crafted from solid Black Walnut, feature dual wine racks spanned by a liquor shelf, and also ample under-cabinet storage space. 

Over the course of three weeks I hand-crafted this one-of-a-kind bar and did a surprise install while the client was out-of-town. The final result was  a spectacular custom bar which has since become the focal point of not only his basement, but of his whole house. It has since hosted many parties and get-togethers and it's appeal has far exceeded the expectation of the client.