My Story

Raised the son of a fine-homebuilder and an artist, I had a design instinct instilled in me at an early age. From the time I could walk, I watched my father as he built his masterpieces from board and beam and his great skills in finish carpentry and design were passed to me during those times together.

My interest in art, architecture, and design emerged from those days. Boards and beams became my preferred medium too, except hewn from walnut and cherry, not pine and spruce. Although I have a great passion for painting, writing, and all things creative, furniture-making has been my favorite method of creation since I was young. I find the inherent process of working with wood and the skill required to craft them into a beautiful piece to be satisfying. The most rewarding part, though, is applying the oil finish; when the grain, hidden by its natural modesty, is revealed. 

As you will see, the pursuit of perfection is a common prevalence within my work. The development of intricacies, from precisely planed drawer fronts to the crispness of hand-cut dovetails, is not my obsession, but rather my passion.

After all, design lies in the details.