My Craft

Look around you. What do you see?

Perhaps an Ikea shelf; a table gifted to you for your wedding; your grandma's hand-crafted chairs?

Now, think about the stories inherent in each piece.

That Ikea shelf  was pressed and assembled in a factory a world away. There is no inherent story. It was not crafted with love and passion. It wasn't designed to last.

Now think of your grandma's chair. Over the course of a lifetime, stories were told and memories made in that same seat. But that chair's story didnt start then, it started in the craftsman's shop, or perhaps in the forest where the tree once stood. It is these inherent stories that make furniture more than an object, but a beautiful piece that lives within your home; comforting you, inspiring you, impacting you.

Today's virtues of speed, efficiency, and cheapness undermine the inherent characteristics of craftsmanship. A machine gives nothing to a board. The hours of thought behind the particular graining on a table is overlooked by a computer. A cold knife slices the wood into pieces and a robotic arm screws it together. It is this method of production that creates objects, not furnishings. Where is the story in this?

As a fine craftsman, I do more than make objects. I script new stories. Each stroke of my plane represents a new line of text. Each cut of my chisel pares the idea back to its refined core. The final polishing represents the finishing of a mere rough draft, leaving an opening for you to add your own story to the script. 

Our lives are impacted by the objects we live with and encounter. Our furniture should inspire us through it's grain and color, through it's craftsmanship and it's story.  Furniture is more than a surface to set things on or a chair to sit in, it is an inhabitant of your home, too.

As you continue through my website, observe how you react to a piece.

Do you feel good?


In Awe?

Would you like it in your home? 

If so, contact me and let's work to create a story of your own!